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A Giving Legacy

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Estate Planning

We get the privilege of representing remarkable people. Many of our clients have a spirit within them that encourages them to give back and charitably provide for others. The gifts can be of their time or money and can be impactful in many ways. I enjoy these encouraging stories of clients making a difference in people’s lives. One of those stories involves a vibrant, young lady named Amy Bell, who came to us in 2012 to revise her estate plan. During our discussion she shared a commitment that was very important to her – a commitment of a few dollars a month to help a boy in Africa named Emmanuel. She made sure to continue to fulfill that commitment in her planning. If you want to hear the rest of her remarkable story, click the link that follows: https://amybellcharities.org/wp/ You will be blessed by the video.

Through the Bell family we have been thankful to witness how Amy’s meaningful commitment has now grown to impact literally hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. In the spirit of this season and reflecting upon being thankful for what you have, we would encourage you to consider giving to help the less fortunate. If you choose to give to Amy Bell Charities, we can affirm that donations are not diluted by any overhead or administrative fees but go entirely to provide meaningful assistance to help poor children in Africa. It’s a great work that we personally support.

As you consider charitable opportunities around you, we hope you will reflect upon what you have received with a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude and we encourage you to share with those who are in need. There are many ways to do this while we are living, but also ways to accomplish this within our estate plans. You can have a simple gift in a Will or Trust like Amy, make a gift to a donor advised fund or we can help you create charitable lead or remainder trusts, foundations or many other types of purposeful entities.

If we can be of assistance in helping with your charitable planning, please give us a call.