William L. Dismuke

Amy R. Nelson

Amy R. Nelson is a Legal Assistant with almost a decade of successful experience in supporting William Dismuke and the paralegal team with solid and reliable assistance, joining the firm in 2012. With more than three decades of administrative and business experience, Amy has developed extensive customer service skills, utilizing them daily, as she is often a listening ear for our clients. While our clients experience open and frequent communication with their attorney, Amy is an additional liaison between the clients and our firm. Our attorneys look to her often as the initial contact with our clients. She is also relied upon by the attorneys for drafting necessary documents, meeting directly with the clients, scheduling appointments and court appearances, as well as keeping the client files organized.
A true native of Texas, Amy enjoys fishing with her husband and enjoying the outdoors. Amy enjoys a good Netflix binge, but can also be found hosting dinner parties for family and friends, highlighting her infamous home-style Southern cooking.